Send Your Love

Spring 2020 was a time of great upheaval and uncertainty for everyone. All our stores closed, as well as the stores of our clients. The factory shut down as machines stopped and workers stayed at home. During the start of the pandemic, the eCommerce and Marketing teams were the only ones who kept working at Johnstons, while almost all other staff were furloughed. I was one of only 4 people on my team to still be working, and we were one of the only departments with the opportunity to bring any revenue into the company during this chaotic time. We knew we needed a strong campaign to connect to our customers. We hoped to offer some small sense of normality, and a feeling of bring able to do something, anything, to bring comfort to their loved ones while they couldn’t see them in person. From this came “Send Your Love’.

With the rest of my design team furloughed, I was responsible for creating all the assets for this campaign. I started by designing a logo, and devised a number of concepts based around the heart shape, the words ‘send your love’ and elements from our manufacturing and textile roots. In the end we chose the heart-shaped yarn ball with the script typeface for its friendly and comforting feel.

The campaign was rolled out across the website, emails, social and even product as we offered free embroidery of the yarn heart onto classic scarves and throws. During this time we saw a similar number of visits to the site, but a conversion rate three times higher than the same time period the previous year, with 34% of sales coming directly from the Send Your Love campaign.