Optegra: Live a fuller life

Client: Optegra

Optegra were looking for an integrated campaign that established them as the UK’s most trusted eye care specialists by reassuring prospective patients that their procedures were as safe as they are life transforming. We led the creative pitch and won with ‘Fuller Life Stories’. Real Optegra patients told their stories in their own words – explaining how corrective eye surgery had changed their life. These stories were rolled out across broadcast television, print and digital.

Once we won the pitch, I also designed a variety of digital assets for this campaign including social channel covers and posts to run across all our client’s accounts as well as programmatics. I also designed five new brochures. Each focused on one life story and the relevant treatment. The aim was for these brochures to be less clinically focused and support the broader message of the ‘live a fuller life’ campaign by being more about people and how eye surgery from Optegra can enhance their lives.

I selected photos from our new suite of brand imagery, designed all the page layouts and also redrew all of Optegra’s diagrams and illustrations to be in line with the new brand colours and typefaces. This included redrawing all the maps to their hospitals to ensure they were easy to read and included all recent road changes.