Client: Nikon UK

Around 3 times a year, Nikon like to provide their UK staff with an update on what’s going internally – any news, business initiatives, general trends and advancements in the workplace. Previously, this was done through a My.Nikon microsite and accompanying eDM. However, as part of the My.Nikon budget cuts, the microsite was dropped and we were commissioned to create an interactive PDF which would be embedded within a simple landing page.

I was tasked with the design of both the landing page and the PDF. The challenge was keep as much of the interest and interactivity of a website as possible within this much simpler format, whilst also making something that would be easy to update for future editions.

As such, I produced a simple but on-brand landing page and interactive PDF which staff could explore in the same way you would a microsite, with a menu and links to page. This was a good exercise in creating an appealing and usable product with a very small budget.