Nikon In-Frame Showcase

Client: Nikon

Our original brief from Nikon was for a straight forward update to their existing monthly competition website. Having worked on the account for a while though, I saw an opportunity to really evolve the concept of the competition and once we sold the idea to Nikon I was given the lead on the project.

One of the issues was that the competition was becoming very much a social media popularity contest, where those with the most followers simply won through sheer reach, as opposed to through photographic skill. To counter this, I completely rebranded it, giving thought to the name, tone of voice, design and positioning.

The result is Nikon In-Frame Showcase. The Nikon Ambassadors now lend gravitas to the competition by shortlisting entries, deciding the winner and providing professional critique. The Showcase website serves as a hub for the current competition and also provides a catalogue of previous months where users can look back and learn from advice and examples in other themes.

As the lead product designer of the project, I was involved in every stage from strategy and concepts, to user testing, to fine-tuning the user experience and designs. I worked closely with one of Doner’s senior developers to plan the user journey and sitemap. I also designed the components and templates across the whole site as well as the new logo.

Our client at Nikon was extremely happy with the new site and we saw a marked increase in the number of entrants to the competition, as well as high engagement with the new learning opportunity provided by the Ambassador-led tips and critique.