Invisalign are one of the leading producers of near invisible removable aligners. As their main agency, Doner led on all their marketing campaigns as well as designing and producing all their new marketing material following a brand refresh and update of brand guidelines. While at Doner, I worked on a range of work for Invisalign including social campaigns, consumer and provider (b2b) websites, press and digital ads and brand guideline documents. This often involved working across multiple markets and languages and ensuring that the brand’s message was consistent throughout.

Smile with Invisalign


For World Smile Day, we planned a global photo sharing campaign where Invisalign would ask fans and followers on social media channels around the world to take a selfie or find an existing photo of themselves giving a real smile and share it on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile. The campaign would also encourage followers to nominate a friend to do the same. For every public share of a photo of a person’s real smile with the #RealSmile, Invisalign would donate $1 to Operation Smile. The #RealSmile campaign helped children smile around the world by raising awareness and generating interest and money for Operation Smile which provides free surgeries to repair cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities for children worldwide who would never be able to smile freely without their help.

Invisalign Insights

Invisalign have a quarterly e-newsletter that goes out to all Providers (Dentists who offer Invisalign treatment) and stakeholders. The newsletter consists of an email with links to individual stories, and a microsite hosting all the content. The click-through rate had been declining so I was briefed to look at the email to see what could be done from there to drive more people to the microsite.

My approach was firstly to redesign the email to be fully responsive as industry trends and specific statistics for this piece both indicated that Providers were increasingly using tablets and mobiles to view the email. I designed a new insights logo lockup which tied in with the Invisalign brand. Finally, I drastically reduced the amount of copy (which originally included the entire contents of each article) to give readers just a headline and introductory sentence with a link to read the full article on the microsite.

As a result of this redesign, Invisalign saw an increase of 7% in the click-through rate.

Programming for text formatting

As part of the work on the brand guidelines, I wrote a small plugin for InDesign that would automatically recognise all the technical and clinical brand terms and format them correctly in every document that we worked on. This saved countless hours of copywriting amends and proofreading as well as saving our client money in agency time and reprints.

Case Study

The case study brochure documents a study by an Orthodontist into a new payment method for Invisalign. As a result it needed a clean and uncluttered design to display the copy and data in a way that was easy to understand.

As well as doing the overall design for the brochure, I also had to interpret the raw data I was given and work out the best way to present each set of statistics within the constraints of the brand guidelines.