About me

Hello, I’m Holly, a creative designer currently based in beautiful Speyside in Scotland. I have a passion for all things design and am a stickler for the little details. I’m curious about the world around me and love to learn new skills and ways of thinking. I am dedicated, easy to work with and I am not afraid to let my imagination run wild for the sake of a good idea.

Over the last ten years I have worked at agencies, freelanced for my own clients and finally gone client-side as part of a nimble in-house design and marketing team at Johnstons of Elgin – a prestigious textile manufacturer turned luxury lifestyle brand with a 200 year history.

During my time at Johnstons of Elgin I spent two years as the sole graphic designer in the company, meaning I had full responsibility for gate-keeping the brand and oversaw all the design requirements across every touchpoint from the user experience of the website, to eCRM campaigns to point of sale in stores and at shows.

Outside work, I have a big passion for wildlife and photography, and enjoy anything that gets me outdoors be it going for a run or exploring the many beautiful rivers, beaches and mountains that the north of Scotland has to offer.


Senior Account Director, Jenna, on my work for Invisalign to use InDesign Grep functionality and Javascript to automate the implementation of brand-specific typography:

“Creating the rules for Invisalign literally changed our lives. I don’t know the official term but it saved everyone a lot of heart-ache and allowed us to concentrate on bigger things, rather than focus on the 101 house rules we had accumulated over time.”


Doner Co-CEO, David, on D\Construct

“I love it. It literally could not have gone better. I’m thrilled to see it as a final product and looking forward to it continually evolving. Congrats on a job well done everyone.”


Creative Director, Rich McCoy, on working with me:

Holly is a great designer and a brilliant cultural addition to any team. I’ve worked with Holly for nearly 2 years as part of my team at Doner and I’ve very much enjoyed her open and honest attitude to her work and her colleagues. She has at times absolutely stunned me with the quality of her work.

I’ve always been impressed by her technical mastery of her tools and her willingness to adapt to new ways of approaching the design process and the subsequent attention she gives to getting really tidy results. I would definitely have her as part of any team I was responsible for in the future if opportunity where to arise.

Oh, and she jumps out of planes for fun, I still can’t get my head around how impressive that is.


Fellow designer, Nicola, on working with me:

“I think she is great at concept work. She has awesome development skills and is very humble. She is a fantastic team player and extremely good fun!”

holly blake working at a desk